The German-Russian Young Leaders Conference is the largest platform of its kind to foster a dialog among a new generation of passionate Russians and Germans with exceptional profiles in their respective spheres of activity - business, politics, culture, science, and media.

The German-Russian Young Leaders Conference

The German-Russian Young Leaders Conference is a joint initiative of the Berlin-based non-profit association "Deutschland-Russland - Die neue Generation" (Germany-Russia - The New Generation) and Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia's leading economic university. The annual German-Russian Young Leaders Conference itself is a private, non-profit, politically independent, non-partisan initiative with the goal of fostering relationships and mutual understanding among a new generation of Russians and Germans - irrespective of the state of the official bilateral relations.

The annual conference provides young Germans and Russians an open platform for professional and personal exchange. The participants are selected through a thorough application process focusing on young "leaders in mind" with exceptional profiles in their spheres of activity, such as business, politics, science, and media.

Once a year, 120 German and 120 Russian participants, selected from hundreds of nominations and applications, are invited to a three-day meeting. We particularly aim to recruit participants without intense prior relations to the respective other country. The conference is funded by supporters from business and society. Participants themselves make a substantial contribution by individually covering their cost of travel and accommodation at the conference hotel.

Besides offering a platform for personal exchange and inspirational debates, the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference aims to form a permanent active network among its alumni. The ongoing exchange shall help to build the foundation for better German-Russian and EU-Russian relations in the future.

8th German-Russian Young Leaders Conference will take place in Dresden, Oct 13-16, 2016 at the invitation of the Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony, Mr. Stanislaw Tillich, President of the German Bundesrat (Federation Council).

In order to apply please send us your short CV, including your current position and contact details, together with a brief, informal explanation on why you believe you should be invited (Please write to: This year, we have reserved 50 percent of the places for new participants.

Past Conferences

7th Russian-German Young Leaders Conference
Kazan, Oct 29-31, 2015

The 7th German-Russian Young Leaders Conference took place in Kazan, Oct 29-31, 2015 upon the invitation of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Rustam Minnikhanov. The conference was opened by a Presidential Gala in the Kazan Townhall. The 200 participants and over 100 experts and guests of honour took part highly interactive workshop formats, festive evening activities and city quests at various venues in the capital of Tatarstan. The programme also included a wreath laying ceremony, a plenary session moderated by Hubert Seipel and inspiring key notes.

6th Russian-German Young Leaders Conference
Hamburg, 10th-13th July 2014

The conference under the theme ‘RE|START – Lessons From Success and Failure’ was conducted in collaboration with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. 240 top talents from Germany and Russia convened over the four conference days at such locations as the Hamburg Townhall, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Basthorst Estate or the museum ship ‘Cap San Diego’, where Olaf Scholz, First Mayor and President of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, addressed the young leaders with a passionate speech on the importance of German-Russian exchange.

5th Russian-German Young Leaders Conference
St. Petersburg, 12th - 15th September 2013

Under the theme “Inspiring beyond borders”, 280 young leaders from Germany and Russia convened in St. Petersburg, Russia for the 5th German-Russian Young Leaders Conference. The conference, which ran from September 12-15, was conducted under the Patronage of the City of St. Petersburg – the former capital established by Peter the Great in his drive to “open a window to Europe”.

In the context of this vision, tops talents and leaders from politics, business, science, media, and culture met over the course of four days to have a constructive dialog toward establishing a common ground for future cooperation and friendship.

4th Russian-German Young Leaders Conference
Munich, 30th August - 2nd September 2012

Under the Patronage of the Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer.
For the forth time, a new generation of young Russians and Germans, in total 280 participants equally chosen from both nations with diverse backgrounds in business, politics, culture, science, and media has met for 3 days to engage in the bilateral dialog and to foster the Russian-German partnership. The meeting took place in Munich from August 30 till September 2, 2012 thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and benefactors.

The conference program included formal plenary sessions, working groups, and informal activities. A number of high level speakers provided valuable impulses to the participants interactions.

3rd German-Russian Young Leaders Conference
Moscow, 20th May – 22nd May 2011

Joint conference together with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung - "Perspectives 2020 for Russian-German Relations". Guest speakers comprise:
• Ambassador Ulrich Brandenburg
• Senator Yury Roslyak
• Minister Oleg Rozhnov
• Philipp Mißfelder, MP
Reception at Petrovsky Putevoy Palace, Cultural program and activities in Central Moscow

2nd German-Russian Young Leaders Conference
Berlin, 2010

• Reception at the Representation of Lower Saxony in Berlin (Niedersächsiche Landesvertretung in Berlin)
• Discussions and team building activities
• Reception at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berlin
• Discussion with former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder

1st German-Russian Young Leaders Conference
Berlin, 2009

• Reception at DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung)
• Discussions and team building activities
• Reception at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berlin

Board of Trustees

Irina von Bismarck
President of the Board of trustees for the Russian Chamber Philharmonic Saint Petersburg



Executive Committee

Christoph Oldenburg

Tatiana Kadreleva
Deputy Chairperson

Tobias Kempermann
Nils Aldag
Head of Fundraising

Dr. Burkhard Binder
Head of Moscow Committee

Dr. Pavel Metelev
Head of St. Petersburg Office
Ivonne Bollow
Vadim Fedotov
Annika Haefliger
Jakobine Janucek
Ulrike Mattfeldt
Alexandra Ogneva
Olga Pobozhenskaya
Dr. Nico Raabe
Alexander Rodnyansky
Eileen Seibt
Torben Swane
Maike Tribbels

Circle of Friends

   Our Circle of Friends was established in 2014 in order to secure the sustainability of the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference and its alumni network as well as to pave the way for the development of additional German-Russian exchange formats. If you would like to join the Circle of Friends, please reach out to us. Our Chairman, Christoph Oldenburg, will be happy to personally discuss with you the details.


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